3D Camera Vistitle Perspective view, gives the user the ability to view the juxtapositioning of multiple objects from a variety of angles.
2D Path to 3D This Vistitle feature is the key to creating vibrant multi-textured logos. Start with a 2D object and export a fully animated 3D graphic.
Effects Template Library Drag and drop effects onto a timeline just as you would in your favorite NLE. You can use them as they are or modify them as needed.
3D Text Converts 2D text to 3D automatically. Apply lights, textures and animation and you will have some eye-popping 3D text for your next project.
Create Smooth Scrolls and Crawls Whether it is a complicated scroll or a simple crawl, the Vistitle scroll function is ready to deliver.
2D Titles That Rival 3D Create Stunning titles in 2D space that has the feeling of 3D.





The Tutorials have moved to a downloadable format. It is now easier than before to get the tutorials, no matter where you are in the world.

You can order the tutorials for delivery to Europe and the UK from HERE. If the tutorials are purchased from North and South America, you can order them HERE.

To watch a sample of the tutorials, go to the Samples page and click on any of the provided tutorials.

Since Vistitle is a Windows only program, the tutorial interface program is also Windows only. However, the videos are .mp4 and can be played on either Mac or Windows systems. If you want to play them on your phone or tablet, there are 1280x720 files available.



I have recently created template packages for use with Vistitle 2.8 and above. You will need the Plug in Pack in order to fully utilize the templates.

There are 5 categories of Templates:

3D Zooms and Lower Thirds, Gradients, Lower Thirds, Smart Elements, and Weddings.

Once the second set of templates are complete, I will be posting a video showing the templates.






The Vistitle Quick Start Tutorials


I have released an extremely detailed set of tutorials for the Vistitle Title program.

Vistitle is now available for Avid, Edius, and Premiere Pro.

Even though these tutorials were created using Edius 7, once you are within the Vistitle interface, the only difference between the 3 versions will be how Vistitle interacts with each host plugin.


Vistitle is not only a very powerful titler, but it is also a capable mini-modeling and chart bulding program.. Once you see what this program can do, you will be truely amazed. The modeler and chart features will be covered in later tutorials.

The Vistitle Quick Start Tutorials are designed for beginners to intermediate users.

There are 22 tutorials with a total time of over 6 hours all in 1920x1080 quality.

Included in the package are 22 .mp4 files for mobile use. These have been tested on Samsung Tablets, iPad, Android phones, and Kindle Fire.

Read more about the tutorials here

Not familiar with Vistitle at all, then go to the manufacturer's website to read more about the program and to download a trial.





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